"Music is my soul and with that I run my body of work" - D.J.

Dilan Jay is an RnB singer from Los Angeles, CA who has had prominence on the U.S. Billboard Charts and MTV’s HITS Playlist UK. Dilan started as a DJ in middle school and went on to have multiple internationally charting hits with six independently released albums. With more than 1,000 written songs under his belt and collaborations with Jacob Luttrell (ASCAP Songwriter of the Year), Ty Dolla $ign, as well as opening shows for Anderson .Paak and the Chemical Brothers, Dilan is ready to share his musical gift with the world in 2022.

Dilan has released three singer-songwriter albums with an RnB/Pop influence through the pandemic. Currently, he’s releasing a new RnB/Pop album with sounds similar to Bruno Mars and 90’s R&B that’ll be hitting Spotify and TikTok in April.



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